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iPhone X original display repair in Moscow

Comfortable and beautiful Apple smartphone models are very popular and have a great army of its followers. New X model has its technical characteristics which differ from the others. But all the models of smartphones have practically the same problems while operating.
One of the most widespread quiries in "Ai, Molodets" service is to replace or fix iPone X display if you broke your smartphone and it's is not working. Our engineers execute this procedure fast, accurate and quality replacing only original displays and providing 90-days guarantee.

iPhone X Display: Features

iPhone 10 - a new model of the "apple" smartphone, which has individual features, technical and operational. Exclusivity of the device is a frameless display with glass panels, and the chips under the screen are arranged in tiers.

Other features of the screen are "tens":

- the first of Apple smartphone, where the OLED-matrix is ​​installed;

- the display is based on organic LEDs (458 ppi);

- maximum diagonal and resolution;

- improved color rendering;

- the ability to view photos and video content in the latest / newest formats;

- the display is surrounded by thin frames, there are small protrusions for cameras, speakers, microphone and sensors.

But even new technologies can crash the touchscreen (loss of sensitivity, full or partial absence of images, the appearance of blind zones on icons for pressing, etc.). And here it is important not to engage in amateur activities, but to turn to experienced professionals who thoroughly know the structure of the latest model of iPhone.

When do I need to replace the display?

One of the main problems encountered by users of the iPhone X is the burnout of the display. To avoid this, experts recommend not to set the brightness of the screen to maximum and not abuse the use of static images.

Despite the high tightness and strength of the iPhone X, sometimes there are situations and problems when you need a replacement glass (display, touchscreen).

Let's name some of them:

- the smartphone fell;
- it was pressed or struck by something heavy;
- the display module was exposed to moisture, there were stains on the matrix;
- there were external influences of a different nature.

After falling on a hard surface, after blows, overheating, and also falling into the water and even due to wear and tear, the broken iPhone X has the following characteristic features:

- deep cracks and scratches on the glass;
- the image and pictures may be distorted;
- a green bar appears or the places that are not working on the screen of the iPhone X;
- there are interruptions with backlighting or arbitrary operation of commands, etc.

How is the display replaced?

Tightness of the case, stacked circuits, tight location of sensors, cameras, emitter, an abundance of sensitive areas ... One wrong move, and the smartphone will get even more serious damage. The algorithm of work involves a careful dismantling of the external panel and the screen and further visual assessment and diagnostics of the device.

For replacement, a plastic satellite receiver, a pentalob screwdriver, a suction cup, mediators, etc. are used. The replacement procedure assumes:

- removing the panel (carefully unscrew the screws near the charging port);
- shifting the screen with a suction cup and opening it as a "book" (from left to right);
- removing the plug of the motherboard, disabling the display loop and the communication connector;
- installation and connection of a new screen - all steps are repeated in reverse order.


How much does it cost to change the screen?

From the complexity of the problem, namely, if you have stains, streaks, chips and scratches on the screen as a result of falling, pressing or impact, the glass is cracked or broken, the case is broken, the cost of the work will also depend. Also, the price includes components and the work of the master.

 How to distinguish the original display from a copy and what is better?
 The differences between the original display and the copy may be external and internal:

- internal: presence on the back of the display module of the original protective strips, which do not allow the formation of gaps, the presence of protective labels with codes and serial numbers for all components of the original;

- external: the original components are perfectly matched to each other, there are no tangible joints, unevenness, etc. The original touchscreen dissolves stains and light dirt. At a copy in bright light the picture becomes less clear and bright, at an inclination are visible pixels, etc.

Needless to say, the original is always better than the copy. Therefore, if for you quality comes first, you plan to use the smartphone for a long time, and also if funds allow, of course, it is better to give preference to the original display.

Qualitative professional repair in "Aye, well done"
If you need professional replacement parts or emergency repair of the iPhone X in Moscow at affordable prices, then we are ready to issue an operative departure of the master in the very near future, and the masters work in all areas of the city.

And remember, the screen of the iPhone X without protection is scratched, and because of the cracks inside get moisture and dust, which threatens to damage internal mechanisms and completely disable the smartphone.


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