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Replacement matrix MacBook Air in Moscow

Replacement of the Macbook Air matrix may be necessary for you, if there are spots, broken pixels, colored strips on the macbook. You can simply drop the device and get a broken or cracked screen, image distortion.

 Experts of Ai, Molodets! service perform the replacement of the MacBook Air matrix for the following models:

Macbook Air 13 A1237, A1304 2008-2009

 Macbook Air 13 A1369 2010-2012

 Macbook Air 13 A1466 2012-2013

 Macbook Air 13 A1466 2013-2015

 Macbook Air 11 A1370 2010-2012

 Macbook Air 11 A1465 2012-2013

 Macbook Air 11 A1465 2013-2015

When you might need to replace the matrix on a MacBook Air:

the matrix is ​​broken

distorted image

 the matrix failed

 picture with streaks and stripes

 monitor does not light up

 backlight does not work

 the display does not turn on

 damaged flex cable


The most frequent causes of failure:

MacBook Air is damaged mechanically

MacBook is flooded with liquid (moisture ingress or overturning of tea, coffee)

inaccurate treatment

fall of the macbook

damage to the housing

hit the top cover, the screen

 lamming the lid with foreign objects (pens, pencils, flash drives)


How do we replace matrix on the MacBook Air in Ai, Molodets!

Replacing the matrix on the MacBook Air takes from two to five days - depends on the complexity of the repair.

Specialist of Ai, Molodets! arrives for free at a convenient place and time, takes the macbook to the office and sends out an official receipt, conducts professional diagnostics and assesses the condition of the MacBook Air.

 After conducting the diagnostics, we inform you about the detected malfunctions and repair costs **

 When the repair is complete, we notify you about this and bring the macbook.


** You always have the opportunity to refuse repair, but in this case you will need to pay the cost of diagnosis: 1000 rubles.

Why is it better not to replace the MacBook Air Matrix by yourself

To replace the matrix on a MacBook Air, you will need to almost completely disassemble the MacBook.

It is very important that the dust does not get into the macbook when replacing the matrix. This is almost impossible during repair at home.

Also, keep in mind that the matrix of the MacBook Air is very fragile, it can easily be damaged when replacing.

Installing a new matrix on the MacBook Air is a complex and time-consuming process. You will need special tools, spare parts, special equipment and, of course, a lot of experience. Without all this, you can easily cause more damage to your MacBook and spoil it.

MacBook Air is not an easy device, so it's better to entrust this type of repair to professionals.


Why should I entrust my MacBook Air to Ai, Molodets! specialists?

If there are spots or streaks on your macbook, broken pixels - contact Ai, Molodets!

We install only original spare parts with warranty.

Ai, Molodets! - the best prices for replacing the MacBook Air matrix in Moscow.


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