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Screen replacement for iPhone 8 in Moscow - original

Despite the high level of technology and modernity of Apple's gadgets, they remain a technique that sometimes breaks down. Causes and consequences can be different - from getting inside the moisture to a small size for charging and from rare malfunctions in the sensor to a total loss of efficiency.

Whatever it was, you as the owner, of course, want the phone to be working and working well. In Moscow, it is the repair of any iPhone model (from 5 to 8 and X), fast departure of a specialist, original quality spare parts, favorable prices and a system of discounts for all types of services (replacement of display, glass, cleaning, work with software, etc.).

One of the problems with which we are treated most often is a non-functioning display of the phone, which becomes so for various reasons.

The most common problems and reasons for screen changing on iPhone 8

The screen of "apple" products is made of a durable material, which is quite resistant to shocks, but its plasticity is the result of the appearance of cracks and scratches.

The main symptoms of problems with the smartphone screen that are accessed in the service: the screen is completely black or dark blue, does not respond to pressing, there are spots, streaks, stains, broken pixels, no image, there is mechanical damage to the screen or deformation after impact or fall of the device and others.

There may be such problems with the display for various reasons. These include:

- falling on hard surfaces;

- ingress of moisture inside the device;

- cracked glass, cracks, strips and chips on the screen, flicker, rushes may appear if the battery is deformed and deformed;

- damage of a different nature: it is possible to cause harm either by negligence or intentionally.

Poor assembly and non-original parts also cause the LCD panel to malfunction, the appearance of black circles, problems with the sensor, which then turns off, then it works independently, etc.


Copies or originals: which is better?

Whether it's about the devices themselves or about the parts, of course, the original components are better than the copies. If the device is not assembled from the "native" elements, the likelihood that you will soon need to change the broken after a bump or drop glass or replace the faulty display module on the iPhone 8 is very high.

An excellent original can be printed on several grounds:

- white and black colors are displayed on the screen cleanly - without yellow or other shades;

- if you hold your finger across the joint of the screen and the case, it will not be visible on the original;

- the original does not "quickly" collect fingerprints;

- the plumes of the screen for connection in the original have a special protection, in the copy - no.

- the internal components of the original display have an "apple" marking and a numeric or QR code;

- color rendition: the copies of the color are dull, faded.

Fix the glass yourself: the result and consequences
Everything is obvious here. If you are not an expert, an independent intervention threatens to lead to the fact that the glass will be damaged and broken even more and the subsequent repair will increase in the cost and timing of the repair.


How and what is the replacement of the display?

The difficulty is that under the display and the front panel there are a lot of delicate soft plumes, and the master should be a good professional, able to deftly and accurately manipulate with all this stuffing. Special procedures require special screwdrivers, CPT blades and good lighting.

Before replacing the screen, you need to disconnect the device and pull out the SIM card, then:

- A special screwdriver turns off the front panel;

- using a vacuum sucker panel (a broken screen) is pulled out from the phone casing;

- all loops and the home button are disabled;

- new components are installed;

- The device is reassembled.


Why should the glass be changed and not delayed?

A crack on the glass will almost certainly grow into a web with time, which can break your "apple" even more. In case of inaccurate handling, the fragment can get into the ear or scratch the face, and it is uncomfortable and unpleasant to use such a device.


How to avoid breakage?

In order not to resort to the service of operative repair and with horror not to imagine how much it will cost to repair the smartphone, try to handle the equipment and always glue the protective glass on the screen.

Why "Ai, Molodets" is a good service?

We have a free departure of the master within the MKAD, original components, experience and professionalism, as well as reasonable prices and a guarantee for the work performed (90 days on the original screen of the 8 model iPhone). If your display does not work, touchscreen, backlight, or there are other problems, we are ready to arrive anywhere in Moscow for an hour.



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